7 questions to ask before signing a lease

Renting a house is a great a way to live affordably and it’s even better if you split the costs with a few housemates. However it’s important to ask the right questions before signing a lease. Renting houses takes practice and can often mean learning from costly mistakes. Avoid falling into the traps that come with being an inexperienced renter by asking these seven … read on

5 ways to make your home more efficient

One of the big benefits of building a new home is that they are more energy efficient, which means you can enjoy big ongoing savings on your running costs. While all new homes must meet a minimum level of energy efficiency under the Building Code of Australia, some builders are now offering 7-star and 8-star energy efficient homes – and it doesn’t mean you have to add … read on
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Is now the time to lock in your mortgage rate?

Interest rates are at historically low levels right now and the outlook is for either stability or further cuts. Fixed home loan rates are now reflecting this, with three-year rates now sitting up to 100 basis points lower than variable rates. Is now the time to fix your home loan rate? Long term outlook on rates It is very difficult to predict interest rate movements … read on

Essentials of good storage

Whether you’re renting, buying or renovating, having adequate storage options are top of most people’s wish list in a home.   We asked an interior design consultant about the essentials of good storage and whether custom storage is better than off-the-shelf. Form and function “Storage can make a huge difference to both the aesthetic and the practicality of a home,” says … read on

Why now is a great time to be a renter

While Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull insists there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian, new figures show now is actually a great time to be a renter. The increased rate of supply means rental prices have dropped by -0.6% over the twelve months to July 2016. In July, rental prices fell in capital cities apart from Melbourne and Hobart, according to the … read on

8 steps to getting started in property investment

You’ve read the books, magazines and reports. You’ve been religiously checking for properties. Yet when push comes to shove, you get stopped. You’re not alone. In fact less than 6% of Australians, or roughly 1.3 million people, own an investment property, even though property is a national past-time. It’s not surprising. A lot of people get … read on

7 must-ask questions when buying a property

If you’re serious about buying a property, knowledge is power – that mean’s asking loads of questions before signing dotted lines. We ask industry experts to reveal the must-ask questions every home buyer and investor needs to ask. Questions to ask your agent Can you show me a recent property sales report to show what the house is worth? Why you need to ask: This is … read on

Selling tips: 7 things to do if your property doesn’t sell

Your house has been dwindling on the market for months, even years, yet nobody wants to bite. What’s going wrong – and more importantly – how can you turn it around? If your property has been on the market for a long time and you’re just not able to move it, here’s seven things you can do to get out of the rut and get that sold sticker. 1. Refresh your … read on

5 must dos for any renovation

Before you start swinging a hammer at your walls there are some things to consider, whether you’re renovating to sell or renovating your dream house. It’s important to remember renovation is a long term investment; your decisions will have important consequences down the line. If you don’t plan on selling you property straight away you are making a lifestyle investment … read on