How to Make a Profit from your Renovation

Many Australians have watched reno shows like The Block and caught the DIY bug, but renovating a house for profit can be a risky business. CEO and founder of The Reno Chick, Cathy Morrissey, has seen it all when it comes to the pitfalls of renovating. She shares her best tips for making a profit from your renovation project. 1. Get educated “The biggest mistake people … read on

What does Australia’s ideal house look like?

The ideal home is a concept that varies for different people, but if you had to design the most statistically sought-after home in Australia what would it look like? How many bedrooms and bathrooms would it have, how big would the block be, and how many cars would the average Australian property seeker want to park in the garage? Analysing more than 28,000 highly engaged … read on

The dos & don’ts when considering a backyard reno

Australians love renovating, and they love spending time outdoors. So it would make sense that they’d be good at outdoor renovations, right?  According to Matt Leacy, Director and Landscape Designer at Landart Landscapes, a lot of renovators actually swallow up all their funds during the main build of the home, hoping they can just “wing it” when it comes time to do the … read on
Northshore Autum Edition 2016

Northshore Living Magazine – Autumn Edition 2016

The Gold Coast’s Auction Season was a buzz for our Summer Auction Blitz with 50% of the properties sold including pre-sales, 25% sold after the auction. It was a full house and fantastic to see competitive bidding for many lots. A special congratulations to Rhonda Gunn on the great auction of 66 Meron Street, Southport. With 5 registered bidders and 45 bids—the vendors were … read on

Agents are your secret selling weapons

If you’re looking at selling your property, an agent can help you determine your price and sales strategy, market your property to effectively maximise buyer interest, negotiate cleverly on your behalf and handle any ancillary concerns you may have. In fact, the 2013 Real Estate Business Award winner and sales consultant Mark McGill from Amber Werchon Property in … read on

Mistakes homeowners make that devalue their property

When it comes time to sell your home, naturally you’re going to want to get the maximum amount possible. However, since selling a home isn’t something most people do very often, it can be easy to make mistakes that will actually see your possible profit head south. Here’s how you can accidentally devalue your sale price. Thinking your furniture is fine Putting a home on … read on
Rebel Walls series from

Reconsidering wallpaper: how this once tired trend is being reimagined

While wallpaper was once considered merely a wall dressing and background medium, today it is a hot interior option used to bring depth, contrast and vibrancy to any room. Consider swapping your paint roller for a paste brush, and let wallpaper set the tone for your home. “Wallpaper brings a layer of design and texture that paint simply can’t produce,” says Ann-Louise Lollo … read on

Is apartment living the new Aussie dream?

Single person households are the fastest growing demographic in Australia and with blocks of flats going up all over the country, is the great Aussie dream now a fab apartment? In the last two years, almost one in every two properties built in this country are now apartments. Where once we were a nation of detached homes with enough room for the kids and a dog, are we now … read on
Bleach sign


4 - 20 MARCH 2016 Over 50 events | 17 days | The Gold Coast's signature arts and cultural festival. Events from Paradise Point to Coolangatta. Bleach* Festival illuminates, reflects, beams, focuses and most importantly connects art, with community...go with them and challenge the conventional as they strive to change perceptions. As the signature annual … read on

Thinking of adding a furry friend to your family?

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ADOPTING SHELTER PETS? SHELTER PETS MAKE GREAT PETS Animal Welfare League Qld has shelter pets of all kinds. At any of our rehoming centres you can find cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, pocket pets, birds and other animals available for adoption that have come to us from all walks of life. The majority of our pets at our shelters are surrendered for a … read on