Tips for maintaining your sanity during the silly season

The pace of modern life, particularly towards the end of the year, means most people are running about madly trying to fit everything in rather than strolling through their days with their life-work balance sorted. If your life tends to be on the frantic side, rather than just plain busy, it’s time to take a few steps to simplify and streamline your everyday. These tips … read on

6 Things to do BeforeYou List a Property

When you decide it’s time to sell, it can become a mad rush to get your home out into the market. But you should catch your breath first. Here are six things to check off before you list your property: 1. Research & plan Before you consider selling, research the market, focusing on properties in your area. Is it a good time to sell? Where do you intend to move next? … read on

Annual Sovereign Islands Make-A-Wish Foundation Charity Ball 2016

Under the stars on Saturday the 29th of October, The Ray White Runaway Bay Group along with Sovereign Islands residents, friends and a very special guest of honour-Kathryn Woodward gathered together to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As we strolled up the red carpet we were transported back to the 1920's. Champagne flowed as the band and swing dancers set the … read on

Home reno: How far can $5,000 go?

Renovating your home can be extremely expensive and often unaffordable for the average Australian homeowner. Whether you have an overall budget of $5,000 or a budget of $5,000 every few years, here are a few home improvements you can make. Bedroom We spend about a third of our time in our bedrooms so it’s certainly worth the time and money to renovate this area of your … read on

Kitchen design 101: Key layout considerations

Kitchen renovations remain popular and while most people look at the ideal placement of the cooktop, sink and fridge, what else is there to think about? Here are five key layout considerations to take into account when designing a new kitchen. 1. Matching your lifestyle The lifestyle you lead should inform the kitchen design. If you love to entertain and see cooking as … read on

Turning a negative location into a positive

A building site next door, a busy road nearby or a train station in earshot – potential turn-offs for buyers don’t have to spell disaster for a property sale. Samantha Payne says vendors, with the help of their agent, can overcome a property’s negative aspects using a combination of tactics. Payne, the vice-president of the Australian chapter of the International Real … read on
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Ray White Awards 2016

The Ray White Runaway Bay Group went up to Brisbane on Thursday the 15th September 2016  to celebrate the success of not only our office but many of the Ray White Offices. Ray White Runaway Bay did exceptionally well, achieving 5th place overall in Ray White Queensland, with over $200 million worth of settled sales in 2015 - 2016. With over 40 experienced sales agents the Ray … read on

8 tips for a winning rental application

Depending on where you live and what your budget is, the rental market in Australia can be pretty brutal. If you show up to a rental inspection with fifty other people, you can’t afford to be cavalier about your application. If an agent is trying to choose between you and another application and they have their bond, first month’s rent and a list of perfect references you … read on

8 steps to getting started in property investment

Admit it, you’ve been thinking about investing in property. You’ve read the books, magazines and reports. You’ve been religiously checking for properties. Yet when push comes to shove, you get stopped. You’re not alone. In fact less than 6% of Australians, or roughly 1.3 million people, own an investment property, even though property is a national … read on
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Sizeable in Sovereign Islands

The Broadwater Lodge' is set on a 1,470 square metre block and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. A separate entry and an exit gate to the port cochere offers plenty of car parking along with two double lock up garages on either side of the house. Soaring ceilings to the entry feature circular stairs and chandeliers along glass windows to capture the view. The ground … read on