How to: Find the right market for your property

If you’re selling your house, chances are you’ve thought about decluttering but have you considered the different ways potential buyers might use the same space? For many a quick sale is a good sale, but how do you know what market or markets your property appeals to and how can you cater for the different needs of these interested parties? Find a good agent Property … read on

How buying with friends can get you on the property ladder

Priced out of the real estate market but desperate to buy? More and more people are turning to friends to help them buy a home or an investment property. When Julie O’Donohue and her husband wanted to secure a property in a good neighbourhood of Melbourne, they discussed the idea with friends who said they would be interested in buying it with them. “This gave us a way … read on

Units vs houses: Which is a better investment?

Are you trying to decide between making an investment in a unit or a house? Well take a step back, because there are a few key factors that you should consider first. In some markets, a house may be a better option, in others a unit may reap better gains. So to make the most of your hard-earned money, you really need to do your research before you invest in either type of … read on
The Alessi family moving into their new 5 Medfield Ave, Avondale Heights home - March 2015

How to: Declutter before moving house

A common mistake people make when moving house is failing to declutter before they relocate. Moving home is time consuming and it often seems easier to cart a box of useless items to your new house than it would be to sit down and take the time to sort it out. The problem with this mentality is that it perpetuates a cycle of hoarding. Moving house is the perfect to time to … read on

How to: Make the most of an outdoor room in winter

Australians love the great outdoors, but more than a few backyard barbecues left out in the cold can go rusty over winter.  Yet a barbecue in a well-equipped outdoor room can be used all year round. An outdoor room is an extension of the home that bridges the gap between the indoors and outdoors. It provides an extra living space and another area for … read on

How to: Build the perfect property portfolio

Like many things in life, the idea of a perfect portfolio is highly personal. It depends largely on your goals, your personal and financial situation, and how much risk you can handle. This means that what works well for others may not be the right strategy for you. For example, some people may have made a fortune by buying older properties that they have renovated and … read on

What’s the best property type for your first home?

With so many exciting options in the real estate market today, what type of property is ideal for a first-time buyer? You’ve got your deposit saved. Your bank finance is pre-approved. You’re ready to go. It’s time to start shopping for your first home. But the days of virtually all first-home buyers choosing a detached house on land in a new suburban estate are over … read on

Why it’s OK to rent

The current climate of housing prices in Australia is causing controversy and concern throughout the nation. With prices in Sydney and Melbourne getting further out of reach for first time buyers, it’s not surprising those buyers are feeling the pressure.   Stephen Fitzsimon from Melbourne Realestate says the idea that everyone should eventually own their home is … read on

Investing interstate: What you need to know

With the median house prices rising, some are tempted to search further afield to invest in property.  Investing interstate can help diversify your portfolio with property at a lower price point, but it also involves spending serious money in an unfamiliar market. Scott McGeever, Managing Partner at Property Searchers, has seen investors fly into Queensland for 15 years … read on